Frequently asked questions

Infinity uses only prime-quality raw materials for the porcelain stoneware used for the slabs.

The Infinity slab comes in the 63¾” x 127½” size, with thicknesses of 6, 12 or 20mm.

Thanks to its excellent technical performance, Infinity is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, and for residential and commercial projects: shelves, ventilated façades, floors, walls, furniture and much more.

Thanks to the temperatures and the pressure exerted during the manufacturing process, the Infinity slabs acquire an extremely high resistance to scratches and impact. However, like any other material, improper use may damage the surface.

The Infinity sample is to be used as a color guideline for the company range. It must be emphasized, however, that one of the characteristics of the Infinity manufacturing process is the management by production lots, and although an excellent alignment of the graphics and colors is maintained, slight variations in tone may occur, as a result of the natural origin of the raw materials used.

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